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Welcome to SUNNZO Official ! Free Shipping Over $30 ! Get 10% OFF for Your First Order Over $69.99 !

Upgrading Firmware(i.e.Flashing Firmware) using USB disk

 There are 8 steps to upgrading the firmware:
1. Unzip the upgrade package to the USB disk on PC,and there will be 3 files in the root of the SD card as follow:

(1) Do not make any changes to these 3 documents,like upzip,zip,changing names etc.
 (2) Make sure there are no other documents in the SD card except these 3 documents.
 (3) We recommend San-disk and Sam-sung Class 10 card.

2. Connect HDMI cable and insert SD card into powered-off TV BOX(power cable not plugged in) with no external USB storage attached.
3. Insert a toothpick into the AV port where is reset button,and keep the button pressed.

4. Connect power adapter(Still keep the reset button pressed)
5. Release the toothpick until you see the android root like picture below,and use the remote to choose"Apply update from EXT"---“Update from Udisk”---choose "" (i.e. the upgrade package) to click.

6. You will see "Installing system update" like picture below,it means the TV BOX now is updating.

7. Once the updating is installed,the screen will be like picture below,then use the remote to choose "reboot system now" and press OK to reboot,or disconnect and plug in the power adapter again to reboot the TV BOX.

8.Upgrade finished,you can check the build number in Setting to confirm it's updated successfully.
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jean - December 2, 2022

bonjours je recherche firmware x96 mini 5g version 10

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